THE NEW DEAL is a comic drama about a Chinese American woman at odds with her cultural identity and propensity towards being hyper-superstitious. Her life and luck change, though, when she travels to Hong Kong to uncover a family secret and save their New York City restaurant from demolition.

PAPER SON is the story of a young Chinese man who must learn to balance his American identity with his family’s immigrant journey. It’s 1952, and when he meets his match in an American-born-Chinese girl, romance and new questions about the name he lost in his secretly illegal immigration follow.

INTERNAL BLEEDING - loosely based on a true story about an Olympic bound gymnast who becomes estranged from his parents after an accident leaves him paralyzed.

ADVENTURES OF A FAUX DESIGNER HANDBAG is a comedy about three friends frantically trying to find a replacement for a priceless special edition handbag. They are catapulted through space and time from the maze of Chinatown, New York, to the Splendid China theme park in Orlando, Florida, where they try to find out if authenticity is really in the eye of the beholder.

BARCELONA - a full-length musical, is a story about the enduring power of love, inspiration and art – and the family ties that bind them. Julianna, an American novelist consumed with guilt over causing the accident that killed her sister Antoinette, receives a necklace from her dead sister in a dream she has about famed architect Antoni Gaudi – and goes to Barcelona to try to discover what it all means. We travel between time periods – from Gaudi’s era (1879 and 1926) into 2012, mixing fact and mostly fiction. In this Barcelona, time and reality are fluid.

HALO HALO BIRTHDAY - a 10-minute play. Rowena, a widowed Overseas “Performing Artist”, must reconcile what she has to do to provide for her family with what it means to be separated from her daughter on yet another birthday.

EMPRESS MEI LI LOTUS BLOSSOM - a 30-minute comedy. An Asian American actress who finds fame in the persona of an exotic foreign film star considers the price of making her Broadway debut in the most stereotypical role of her life.

TANFORAN - a ten-minute play. A Caucasian woman married to a Japanese American man during World War II must reconcile the identity the U.S. government gives her with the only home she knows: her family.

PEACE PLAZA - a ten-minute play. A woman fears the cost of civil disobedience as she waits for her daughter on the day Martin Luther King is shot.

WELCOME TO TELEVISION - a 30-minute comedy. Behind the scenes at Perfect Pitch Productions, newcomer Sabrina Lee discovers if "reality" is all that it's cracked up to be.

SECONDARY IMPACT - a full-length play with dance. A veteran Broadway dancer and an ex-pro football player inspire each other to face their career-ending injuries head on -- in a story of unlikely friendship, identity and reinvention.

"EVER SEE A FAT CHINESE?" - a 15-minute comedy. Lexy Lee has a sneaking suspicion that she's "large for her breed". She'll do anything for a major-league make-over. Or will she?

DO THESE GENES MAKE ME LOOK FAT? - a ten-minute solo piece. A musing on the legacy of cravings.


NO WAVE WITHOUT WIND (with Charles Randolph-Wright) - a feature length romance. NO WAVE WITHOUT WIND is the story of Charlie Lee, a Chinese traveling funeral supplies salesman and Eunice Franklin, a Black school teacher, who dare to fall in love in the prejudiced south of 1950’s. How can change happen when the world around you stays the same?

DULLY FOR PRESIDENT is a political satire short about a U.S. President who must hide his childhood lobotomy from the public, or risk losing what’s left of his mind – not to mention his job.

JUMPING THE THIRD RAIL, a feature-length screenplay, is the story of three inner city teens; subway performers who are struggling to support their destitute families with their raw acrobatic skills. Getting no love at home, their lives are transformed by a bereft gymnastics coach who believes in them like no one else ever has. Together they forge a fearless team, healing their fractured lives and getting a head start on their wildest dreams: competing in the Olympics.

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